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Case study #1

Defense production for 11 defendants of 19 boxes of records at a Monterey County Building.  Boxes were digitally reproduced, OCR performed, and attorneys were able to save thousands of dollar for their clients through use of OCR indexing for document review.  One office stated they had saved their client 20 hours in billable time from utilization of  OCR in document review.

Case study #2

Defense production for 40 defendants.  Job consisted of 20 boxes of 30-40 year old files, installation logs and 40 year old repair manuals.   Files were reproduced digitally.  Each defendant had unique files which were ordered separately from the large, common, production  Individual defendants were able to billed on just what they needed, with no extraneous cost.   

Case study #3

A prominent attorney from the largest law firm in Southern California, required documents to be copied for a very important client, his father in Anaheim.  The only copy service qualified to perform document production for his father’s case was ABC Mobile Copy Service. 

Case study #4

Co-counsel needed copies of  counsel’s 5 boxes of voluminous records in Modesto, with severe time restrictions.  Counsel’s staff had not the time to reproduce these files let alone ship the paper copies to co-counsel.    ABC brought in 3 document  specialists who digitally reproduce the needed files and digitally delivery was made by 5 PM that very day, 300 miles away.

Case study #5

An experienced trial attorney from Los Angeles had upcoming depositions in 4 days ands no critical records from San Diego.  He called us on Wednesday and needed the records by Tuesday.  Reproduction was done in San Diego on Thursday and job completed Friday morning.  On Monday morning, the annoyed attorney called
asking where were his documents were.  To his surprise, his digital documents had been digitally delivered to him the previous Friday by 12 noon, the same day the job was completed. His office is closed every Friday afternoons.  He called back 15 minutes later and was amazed that a company who actually made promises to him, actually kept the promise we had made to him.  Since he was new to electronic discovery, he was amazed at how fast he could navigate through the E-Z Discovery files prepared for him. A total electronic discovery novice at first, he now only
orders E-Z Discovery for his record reproduction.

Case study #6

One of the largest electronic company in the world called us on Wednesday,
needed boxes of records in San Diego, to be sent electronically to their counsel in Philadelphia by Friday night in order to meet a discovery deadline.  Although the staff in San Diego knew of the needed request, nothing had been done.  Following, 18 hour days, records were uploaded  to their counsel.  The nervous staff from the company was greatly relieved.

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