California's Mobile, On-site, Copy Service Specialist in Onsite Document Productions, Medical Record Copying and Public Record Scanning 

"With the deadline being so rushed, your team was able to complete the project in ample time. I couldn't have chosen a better copy service than ABC. 

M.A. Heller Ehrman, San Francisco


  Mobile on site and off site copying
 Bonded Professional  Photocopiers
 Availablity of services in Major Population Centers of California
   Digital Document Conversion
        Free OCR, Indexing and Bates Numbering Features
       Years of Experience in Large Document Production
    Subpoena and Authorization Preparation
     On site State and Local Agency Public Record Procurement  
Seized records copying in pending criminal case 
California Department of Justice Clearance for staffing
Public Record Reproduction from Sacramento down to San Diego
24 hour processing of orders
Paper to disc reproduction
Paper to paper reproduction
Delivery of files via encrypted email service for FAST delivery
Digital document imaging to PDF format
Advanced searchability features requiring just Adobe Reader
Instruction on how OCR and PDF Indexing features work

We take every referral as an opportunity to make lifelong clients.  If clients are happy with our service, we will hear from them again and again.  Since we only provide a service, we know we have to be better than competitors each and every day.  We thrieve on this challenge. 

Technology has changed the face of discovery.  No longer do large document productions require boxes and boxes of copied files.  Just recently, we did a 70k document production in Pasadena which fit securely on a 8gb flash drive.  What was amazing was the response of the senior attorney, who found 2 specific pages he needed, out of the 70k pages scanned, in 15 seconds.  The Optical Character Recognition, PDF Indexing(search engine for your files) and Bates Numbering are all free features at ABC, at a much lower cost that paper to paper reproduction.   

Start saving your client money.

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Our services are meant for the convenience of our clients.  

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